Gulf Project Solutions provides excellent opportunities for individuals looking for a new career or career development.  We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent in a very exciting and challenging work environment.  All positions come with a competitive salary and benefits package free of local taxes, and following a business culture that rewards performance

Equal Opportunity Employer
Gulf Project Solutions practices Equal Opportunity to candidates looking for careers across various disciplines.  Everyone has the right to develop their full potential by sending their resume regardless of race, gender, nationality, age, disability, religion.  We prevent artificial or prejudicial barriers from getting in the way of an individual’s personal development and believe that fostering diversity is everyone’s responsibility.  Our recruitment experts who are well trained and specialized in sourcing candidates will be screening each candidate’s resumes without bias and provide equal opportunities for all to access the services and resources of this organization. In the end, our ultimate goal is “to get the right person for the right job”.

If you are interested to be part of GPS family, please get in touch with our recruitment representatives. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Please contact us for vacancies information.