Anyone who has sought to enter the GCC market is well aware that laws and processes governing business and immigration are fluid, vague and seldom publicly announced. The last ten years have been particularly dynamic. The GCC business and immigration laws have undergone massive restructuring in an effort to modernize and meet international standards. Throughout this time, our experts have been successfully navigating these changes. Our greatest asset is our broad range of activity.

Driven by our clients’ needs, we interact daily with all ministries in all locations on a myriad of issues. This means we are always up-to-date on the practical application of the constantly changing local government laws and processes.

We provide business and immigration services at varying capacities to include, but not limited to the following:

• Company Registration and Licensing
• Specialized Permits and Licenses
• Compliance with Ministry of Labor Regulations
• Work and Business Visas
• Management of Company Visa Slots

• Wages Protection System Compliance
• Family Visas
• Document Attestations
• Vehicle Registration and Driving Licenses

Through partnerships and teaming agreements we provide work and business visas for in country project personnel.

Agency Representation
Through fixed term partnership agreements we can facilitate the legal marketing, sale and tendering of your company products and services under your brand name without the liability of assigning 51% lifetime local ownership of your brand to a local citizen.

We provide guidance for companies seeking to understand the business and immigration laws throughout the GCC.

PRO Services
We are specially licensed to submit documentation to ministries on behalf of our clients. We provide support for all aspects of managing the company needs in relation to local government agencies from initial consultation, filling and gathering of documentation through to submission to the ministries.

Please contact us for detailed information or visit our dedicated PRO Services website.