Proven Expertise in a Volatile Market

We take the risk out of working in the volatile Middle East markets, providing unparalleled support to the following business industries:

We specialize in project support for on-the-ground mission-critical logistical and life-support requirements as well as serving as an in-country adviser in navigating host nation legal and business regulations in conjunction with installation security requirements and FAR compliance.
We support private companies looking to expand their international footprint into the Middle East Gulf Region. Our in country local expertise enables our clients to offer their products and services on the local market as well as mitigate the risk that accompanies ventures into new countries. Additionally, we streamline their operations and reduce overhead costs augmenting their technical staff with HR, accounting and other operational services.
Oil and Gas
Our presence throughout the Middle East positions us as an industry leader in providing local logistical and life support services to companies operating ) in one of the world’s largest oil and gas regions.