Overview of GPS Fleet Leasing Solutions

We provide a variety of flexible lease options, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly leases for vehicles in the Middle East. From sedans and SUVs to utility vans, buses, trucks, armored vehicles, and heavy equipment, our clients benefit from customized leasing plans to meet individual or large-scale requirements.

Our vehicle services options include, but are not limited to:

  • Convenient Delivery and Return – Our representative arrange for drop-off and pick-up at a time and location that is convenient for our clients.
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance – Our representative responds to clients in the event of a minor problem and assists accordingly. If the vehicle is unable to be driven from the location, our representative will drive our clients to their desired location and coordinate a replacement vehicle.
  • 24-Hour Accident Assistance – Our representative responds to the accident site, interacts with local law enforcement, assists with translation and police reports, and endeavors to ensure all parties follow local procedures.
  • Replacement Vehicles – For routine services and accident repairs, we will provide a comparable replacement vehicle.
  • Routine Maintenance – Every 5,000 km, vehicles are fully serviced and fueled, then returned to the client at no additional cost.
  • Advanced ticketing and reporting system – We use an online ticketing system for reporting vehicle issues.  Each request is assigned a unique ticket number that can be used to track the progress and status updates online.  The system also provides a complete archive of all support requests that can be provided in the form of a quarterly or annual report.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – We provide packages to cover all drivers, both resident and non-resident, with limited and defined deductibles.
  • Traffic Violation Tracking – We regularly runs licenses plates from our leased vehicles through local Ministry of Traffic databases. When a violation is discovered, the client is contacted and an GPS representative will either make the payment on their behalf or escort the driver to the police station to settle the violation.
  • No Deposit Required – We operate on a Purchase Order/Task Order basis. No deposit is required for our leased vehicles.
  • Secured Facility Access – We are experts in providing paperwork to obtain secured installation vehicle access for both private and military facilities.
  • Fuel Cards – We can provide locally-issued fuel cards to allow for better tracking of company funding.
  • Driver’s License Assistance – As a separate service, we will provide support and guidance on obtaining a locally-issued driver’s license.

Please contact us for detailed information.