Overview of GPS Manpower Solutions

We believe that professional and experienced employees are a company’s main asset. We are successful in providing our clients with the right candidate at the right time. Within our network, we have a comprehensive database of diversified CVs. We utilize a structured and reliable process that enables us to meet client requirements for specialized projects while adhering to stringent deadlines to mobilize manpower quickly.

We apply the highest-level ethical business practices in both the recruitment and management of our personnel. We place great emphasis on worker welfare and the combatting trafficking in persons (CTiP). All employees are treated with respect and time is invested in cultivating an environment that emphasizes equality, safe and comfortable working and living conditions, clearly defined job expectations, incentive programs, and open-door management policy.

We are highly successful in providing for: linguistics, food service, administration, mechanics, information technology, logistics, construction, customer service, healthcare, engineering, hospitality, warehousing and more...

Our manpower services options include the following:

  • Customized Packages –Services range from standard recruitment services to full turnkey solutions including recruitment, relocation, housing, transportation, staff scheduling, payroll and personnel management issues.
  • Streamlined and Effective Recruitment Process – Our recruitment program consists of three distinct phases: Sourcing, Prescreening (including background, passport, and police checks), and Interviewing. Our ability to present multiple candidates helps to mitigate delays in staff placement for the duration of the contract.
  • Housing – We emphasize comfortable, clean and safe housing. We understand good housing is integral for the retention of quality staff.
  • Transportation – Efficient, reliable, and safe transportation of personnel is vital to achieving project objectives. Great care is taken to ensure that the most efficient routes are selected, the highest safety standards are applied, and vehicles are kept in excellent condition.
  • Payroll Services – We provide a variety of payroll and accounting services in accordance with client requests and requirements. We specialize in ensuring the client’s compensation schedule meets all local labor law requirements to effectively minimize liability for the project.

Please contact us for detailed information.